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Welcome to www.fbmony.com the website where we give you the best premium resources you can use to build out a residual income income strategy by generating multi stream of income for your on site reviews for a life time.
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Participate with us by reviewing products (mainly books by amazon), commenting on our content, posting original content on our blog, sharing our content and investing in the products we recommend. You will earn money by posting original content, commenting and sharing our content.

This is is the step by step method to make money online fast:
Login to our front end publishing site www.fbmony.com
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Join the discussion share your thoughts, get the top posts and comment of the day, the week, the month and you earn top income from this blog.

We also give away free ebooks every week which we want you to read and give us a feedback on this blog, we then customise the content of the ebook submit it to AMAZON and share the income from sales with the group that generate the right buzz around these contents.

A sample of the digital downloads (eBooks) for discussion are as under:

  • Accupunture Cynics
  • Aerobics for Everyone
  • Body Building Techniques
  • Boost Health with GuaSha
  • Brain Training for Love Romance & Finance
  • Child Diet Dilemna
  • Child’s Mental Health
  • Cooling to Stay in Shape
  • Cure PMST Naturally
  • Dancing Your Fat Away
  • Diabetes Sustenance Guide
  • Exercise Routines for the Elderly
  • Extreme Health Resolution
  • Fitness and Exercise for Mothers
  • Fitness Exercvise Videos for Housewives
  • Getting Juiced Getting Healthy
  • Health and Weight Loss Guide for Teens
  • Herbal Remedy for Longevity Discovered
  • Gluten Free Healthy Living Diet
  • How to Lose 20lbs in 21 Days
  • Increasing Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Techniques
  • Mixed martial Arts Training for Fitness
  • Muscle Gaing Secrets Revealed
  • Native Indian American Healing Techniques
  • Plyometrics Fitness Andrenaline
  • Planning a Diet for Pregnant Women
  • How to Chisel My Six-Pack Abs
  • Summertime Diet Program How To
  • The Right Vegetarian Cooking Guide
  • Yoga for Mental Health and Physical Balance

The above list is justa sample of whats on offer and whats up for discussion and the topics we intend to create products we can seel and share the proceeds with all particpating members.

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  1. fbmony
    2014/09/27 at 9:40 pm #

    Test. This is just testing he systme as I have installed new wordpress plugins such as the front end publisher where you can create a post right from the front page of the website.
    20,000 visitors in less than two (2) weeks for a perfectly new blog that has just started to generate interest in our product.
    My next comment will explain how our revenue share program really works and really should work.

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