Strategic Stock Trading: Master Personal Finance Using Wallstreetwindow Stock Investing Strategies With Stock Market Technical Analysis

MASTER STRATEGIC STOCK TRADING Many say few know more about stock trading than Michael Swanson, who ran a top ranked hedge fund for four years and has built up a huge audience of readers on his website WallStreetWindow.com thanks to the accuracy of his market calls and investment acumen, including making over 50% in 2008 […]


Freud and the Sexual

Freud and the Sexual is the translation of Laplanche’s Sexual: La sexualit√© √©largie au sens freudien, his work from 2000 to 2006. Clear and direct, often witty, this volume is a pleasure to read and represents the culmination of his work. It includes: 1. Drive and Instinct: distinctions, oppositions, supports and intertwinings 2. Sexuality and […]


Girl Next Door (Unrated)

The Girl Next Door is an intimate and humanizing look into the rise to fame of adult film superstar Stacy Valentine. The wheels were set in motion when Stacy’s then-husband, to satisfy his own sexual fantasy, urged his Oklahoma housewife, Stacy Baker, to submit her photograph to Gallery Magazine’s amateur pictorial competition, voyeuristically named, “The […]


Wiley Pathways Personal Finance

Whether looking to create and adhere to a budget or trying to best utilize consumer credit and loans, Personal Finance will help readers make smart financial decisions throughout their lives. Guiding them all the way through to retirement, this book includes numerous real-world examples to easily show them how to apply the material. They’ll gain […]


The Global Political Economy of Israel: From War Profits to Peace Dividends

‘This accessible but deeply disturbing book is not only the most authoritative study of the Israeli State to date, but also a significant contribution to state theory and globalisation . . . A masterpiece.’ Ronen Palan, Professor of International Political Economy, University of Sussex. ‘A ‘Must’ read for anyone interested in the debate about globalization […]


The Political Economy of Violence against Women (Oxford Studies in Gender and International Relations)

Violence against women is a major problem in all countries, affecting women in every socio-economic group and at every life stage. Nowhere in the world do women share equal social and economic rights with men or the same access as men to productive resources. Economic globalization and development are creating new challenges for women’s rights […]


The Political Economy of an Emerging Global Power: In Search of the Brazil Dream (International Political Economy Series)

This book discusses whether Brazil’s rise on the global stage is barely beginning, or whether it has already hit a plateau, held back by numerous domestic challenges and the external constraints of the global governance system. The work shows that Brazil’s hard power capability is greater than it is often believed, that this power largely […]

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